All Beats to Dance is the theme of this edition
Edition 2024
Classical, jazz, modern, contemporary. Dance is movement, inspiration, technique. It's interpretation, and thus individuality. But then it becomes plurality, engagement, shifting from 'me' to 'us.' Danzainfiera captures this dual aspect of the choreographic arts, highlighting the diversity of audiences, styles, and disciplines. “All Beats to Dance” is the chosen theme for this edition, taking place at the Fortezza da Basso, in Florence, from February 23 to 25, 2024. The ad campaign will be marked by a colorful, joyous, and immediately engaging image: a collection of details to compose a unique scene. It's us, it's you: adults and younger generations, beginners and professionals, dancers and dance companies, schools and sports organizations, companies and industry operators. All in search of their own stage. Together we create a polyphony of voices and desires that within the Fortezza da Basso, during the days of Danzainfiera, will find a way to express themselves and share emotions. Come and dance with us, in color!