Musical: The Competition
Edition 2024
Si è conclusa a Danzainfiera 2024 la dodicesima edizione del concorso di Musical più importante in Italia.
The twelfth edition of Musical: The Competition, the most important musical competition in Italy for non-professional performers, focused on the musical repertoire from all eras, including unpublished works, and was a great success.

The competition's goal is not only to reward the top three participants in each category but also to identify talents who could be new performers, supporting them with scholarships and educational programs to assist in their studies. Many young people access unique opportunities through the competition: last year, one of the main protagonists of "Matilda," a musical produced by Sistina and currently touring Italy's theaters, was selected here.

This edition by the numbers: 12 jurors, 449 participants, 114 performances, and a remarkable 390 scholarships awarded. 

The event's strengths, organized by Francesco Frola, director of Professione Musical, were the exceptionally high quality and the presence of an outstanding jury this year, comprising 12 directors of Italy's most prestigious musical training schools.

The competition's complex organization is always rewarded with praise from the jurors, who find a professional yet serene environment that allows for extraordinary teamwork, and from the high number of participating schools. Everything is set for an even more special 2025 edition