Termini e condizioni

The following Regulations govern the rules of behavior for Visitors, Journalists, Buyers and other users (hereafter, “Interested Parties”) accessing the structures of the Fortezza da Basso Fair Complex during Danzainfiera or other venues referable to the same, after having caried out the registration/participation procedures through the event’s official channels.

1.1.         Apart from the exhibitors and their incumbents to whom these regulations do not refer, other visitors may access the fair as participants in events organized within the sphere of the main fair event or in an individual capacity as buyers, press officers or private visitors.  Declarations regarding entry passes and the consequent possible application of a special access tariff shall be carried out using different registration methods according to the relevant qualifications; applicants making a declaration for the purpose of obtaining an entry pass shall undertake to adhere to the conditions and modalities of the entry pass requested.
1.2.         Entry passes shall be strictly personal, non-transferable, non-refundable and valid for one day only, with the exception of special subscription formulas which may be marketed through the event’s official channels.  It shall not be permitted to temporarily exit the Fair Complex and return on the same day unless an additional entry pass is purchased, barring other arrangements established by Pitti Immagine s.r.l.  Entrance tickets should be kept and displayed whenever requested for fiscal checks until the moment the person concerned definitively leaves the event.
1.3.         Access to and the holding of activities inside the fair shall comply with the provisions and measures set down by Pitti Immagine s.r.l., and by the rules provided by its incumbents for the orderly holding of the fair, the safety of the participants and workers and the prevention of accidents and fires.  It should be noted that the organizer’s third-party liability insurance cover does not extend to damage caused by visitors or attributable to their activities: therefore, the insurance cover shall exclude damage resulting from the activities of the visitors, like dancers, for example.
1.4.         Smoking shall be forbidden inside the fair, except in the open spaces expressly indicated.
1.5.         Visitors shall be prohibited from carrying out any form of activity involving the sale of products and services.  Visitors, in any capacity, shall be forbidden from promoting any activities of a commercial nature or of any other organized type, including training, amateur practice and instruction, either paid or free of charge.  Activities involving the sale of products or services are similarly prohibited.
1.6.         Pitti Immagine s.r.l. shall have the right, through its incumbents, to have anyone who does not adhere to the rules regarding entry and behavior removed from the fair.

2.1.         Visitors requesting access to the fair as participants in a scheduled event inside the fair should register using the methods specifically indicated in the registration form for the type of event and carry out the activities inside the fair in compliance with the indications of the organizer of the relevant event.
2.2.         In order to benefit from reduced tariffs, the categories of relevant Visitors should show an identity document.

3            FILMING 
3.1.         It shall be forbidden to draw, copy, photocopy, photograph or film the objects displayed and the activities scheduled without the express authorization of Pitti Immagine s.r.l.  This prohibition shall include images and videos obtained using digital video cameras, cameras, as well as drawings or audio recordings.
3.2.         The fair is a collective event open to a public of visitors; by taking part in the same, participants accept that they may be the subject of photographic video filming or filming of a general nature related to the event or of a specific nature, when taking part in particular events.  Participants are warned that the video and photographic filming of participants will be carried out during the fair and in the immediate vicinity of the event by our own personnel and/or by specifically commissioned professionals, which will be handled by Pitti Immagine S.r.l. for the purposes of information and documentation regarding its events, in application of the provisions of the Italian law (art. 97, Law no. 633/1941) and that the persons concerned may exercise their rights regarding the handling of their own image according to the policy of Pitti Immagine S.r.l. which can be consulted here https://www.pittimmagine.com/privacy.   
3.3.         Interested Parties shall have no right to payment for the use of the aforementioned material.
3.4.         The introduction of photographic and cinematographic equipment to the event shall be subject to the written authorization of Pitti Immagine s.r.l. which shall reserve the right to authorize the sale of photographic images and/or video footage by its official incumbents who shall guarantee this service.   Pitti Immagine s.r.l. shall in no way be held responsible for any photographic filming illegally carried out by third parties. 
3.5.         For safety reasons, all the internal and external areas of the Fair Complex are covered by video surveillance equipment and the data recorded is handled according to the instructions of the Data Privacy Protection Commissioner, according to the general rules governing the protection of personal data.  In the event of the occurrence of criminal events or events of particular importance in terms of public order and safety, these images shall be made available to the judicial authorities or the police, where requested.

4             ANIMALS
It shall not be permitted to bring animals into the fair, unless they are service animals for disabled visitors.  The provisions regarding the access of animals to public service businesses, as per Art. 24 of the Regulations of the Comune di Firenze (Florence City Council) for the protection of animals (CC resolution 285/1999) shall not be applied to the fair.

5.1.         In cases of force majeure or serious disturbance of the market and the commercial impracticability of holding the fair, the event shall be cancelled, barring the right of Pitti Immagine s.r.l. to postpone the same within a timespan located in a similar seasonal period immediately subsequent to the original one.
5.2.         In the case of the cancellation of the fair, or of the specific event for which the appropriate entry pass has been acquired, Pitti Immagine s.r.l. shall act in one of the following ways which shall be published on the fair’s website: (a) reconfirmation of the validity of the entry pass for the rescheduled fair/event, or (b) issuing of an equivalent entry pass for another subsequent fair; or (c) return of the amount paid.
Pitti Immagine s.r.l. shall in no way be responsible for any additional costs, charges, expenses, damages suffered by the Interested Party.

6.1.         The personal data acquired from Visitors shall be handled by Pitti Immagine s.r.l., as the data processor, according to the methods, conditions and rights of the subjects to which the data refer, indicated in the personal data processing policy published here: https://www.pittimmagine.com/privacy.  All communications regarding the handling of personal information and the exercising of the rights set down in EU Regulations 679/2016 should be sent to this address: [email protected].
6.2          The data of the visitors who register as participants in dance events that are held by school or other organizations within the fair, will be transmitted to the event organizers, who will process them as data controllers in their own right.

7.1.         For the purpose of implementing measures aimed at preventing crimes during the carrying out of its organizational activities, Pitti Immagine s.r.l. shall adhere to the code of conduct published here: https://www.pittimmagine.com/it/231
7.2.         Any notifications to be made to the Supervisory Board of the Pitti Immagine s.r.l. Group, sole partner of Pitti Immagine s.r.l., should be sent to the postal address Via Faenza 111 – 50123 Florence or the email address [email protected].

8.1.         These Regulations, which shall have the validity of general contractual conditions for visitors, shall be published on this website: https://www.danzainfiera.pittimmagine.com/terms-conditions
8.2.         Pitti Immagine s.r.l. reserves the right to modify these Regulations, with effect from the publication of the said modifications in the above manner.