600 Beats
Danzainfiera's Inaugural Project for Young Choreographers
Edition 2024
Danzainfiera, in partnership with EurAsia Dance Project International Network, is launching 600 Beats, a unique opportunity for young choreographers aged 18 to 35 to showcase one of their projects in Florence and get the chance to create a new one. The name '600 Beats' is a nod to the DiF 2024 campaign (All Beats to Dance) and symbolizes the 600 seconds - or 10 minutes - each applicant has to present their candidacy to the Selection Committee. This presentation will be an online showcase of an existing work. Applicants are also expected to present a dossier for a new artistic project, either a solo or duo performance, inspired by the culture and traditions of one of the 20 countries where the EurAsia Dance Project operates, spanning America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The finalists' project presentations will take place live at Danzainfiera on Friday, February 23, at 5:30 PM, in the Teatro della Sala della Ronda. The winner of 600 Beats will not only receive a financial grant for the research and creation phase but will also have the chance to develop their new artistic project through residencies in dance organizations in Italy or abroad. They will collaborate with a dancer chosen from the EurAsia Dancers, who hail from across the globe and are currently residing in Europe.

Supported by Pitti Immagine and UniCredit, the initiative provides the opportunity to work with significant partners in Italy and internationally, such as Balletto di Siena, Kaos Balletto di Firenze, Shoonya Dance Centre of Ghent (Belgium), and Choreography Online's IODC (Canada – UK).